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Jazz in the Park Fund

A simple concept, yet very important. A gesture that can unite a community. An optional ticket that transcends the ephemeral nature of a festival, transforming it into a community celebration and a civic exercise.

Here’s the story of our initiative:

In 2015, Jazz in the Park reached its third edition and had already become one of the most important music events in Romania, not just in jazz. Access was free. We never regretted this decision, but we realized that if just a quarter of the participants bought a ticket, we could raise a significant amount of money. So, we decided to try something new.

Thus, the optional ticket was born. Those who wanted to support us could buy a ticket at a symbolic price (10 lei at that time) and in return, they received a symbolic access bracelet, similar to those at ticketed festivals. We decided not to use the money raised for the festival. We have generous sponsors, we know how to write grants and manage our resources. So, we decided that just as participants choose to make a nice gesture by buying an optional ticket, we would choose to do good deeds with that money.

Over time, we have provided scholarships for musicians, supported bands on tours, funded local cultural projects, and responded to the needs of artists who asked for our help. This is where the community’s money went. In 5 years (2015 – 2019), we raised approximately 100,000 EUR from over 20,000 donors and funded over 30 projects and scholarships.

More important than the money raised, this fund has strengthened the Jazz in the Park community even more. Imagine: a free festival, accessible to everyone, where participants CHOOSE to donate to support new initiatives or give young musicians development opportunities. This mechanism transforms Jazz in the Park into a celebration that brings positive changes to the community.

The pandemic changed many things, but now, in 2024, we have decided to resume this project because, symbolically, it was one of the things that made Jazz in the Park unique in Romania, perhaps even in the world.

We are bringing back the optional ticket. It will cost 30 lei, and in return, you will receive a symbolic access bracelet, just like before. And, of course, you will be able to enjoy perhaps the most beautiful competition edition yet! To make things even more exciting, our sponsors will support the fund by offering prizes to ticket buyers. So, if you buy a ticket, you will participate in a fun raffle, where you can win headphones, a turntable, or other cool musical equipment!

This year, the funds raised will be used for our most daring initiative yet. We have taken a bold step and decided to open the first Jazz club in the history of Cluj-Napoca! We have secured a special space in the city, a former cinema, and we are now in the process of renovating it. The place will be called Edison, in honor of the building’s original purpose, and also in honor of T. Edison, who invented the phonograph. Here, we will create programs for artists, promote young bands, and contribute to the city’s cultural agenda with many concerts throughout the year. We will tell you more about this place after our event. But until then, we wanted to let you know that we are making it happen and that we need the community’s support to make this place a reality!

Be part of the Jazz in the Park community! Get an optional ticket!

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