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What are our partners doing in the central park

Jazz in the Park has always had committed partners who not only financially support our initiatives but also get involved with relevant and beautiful content designed to make your experience of attending our events more enjoyable.

Between June 30 and July 2, we’ll meet again in Central Park for our International Competition. In addition to our three stages, here’s what our partners are preparing for you:

Music Lounge – BRD Cultural Hotspot

BRD are newcomers to our gang, but they fit greatly into the festival. Behind the Casino building, we will create a covered music lounge with multiple functionalities. 

During the first part of the day, the space will host events and workshops for children. In the afternoons, the public will be able to choose between an instrument marathon – a mini course in which instructors present basic lessons on guitar, piano and drums – or small group lessons on the same instruments. In the evenings, we will gather in the BRD Cultural Hotspot for Jam Sessions with the bands in the competition.

This will basically be a space about music in a festival about music. Musicception.


Italian Experience – Moretti Beer

Birra Moretti brings the Italian experience to the International Jazz in the Park Competition! We have a corner prepared in the dolce far niente style, with comfortable seating areas placed in close proximity to the main stage. Afterwards, we’ll pair beer with our most famous pizzas, which you can get at a special price. And the more adventurous among you will be able to make your own pizza, in the pop-up workshop we’re creating in the park!


Relaxing Corner – Mega Image

Mega Image is currently one of our longest standing partners. They have always appreciated our music and our attempt to promote young jazz talent. Therefore, they will create a special space for you to listen to the bands in the competition. On top of that, they’ll lure you with fresh fruit and lots of information about a healthy lifestyle.


Music Gallery – powered by Pepsi

Together with Pepsi, we’re bringing a sample of our newest project, Music Gallery, to the park! For 3 days, the Casino building will host a music bazaar with listening spaces, equipment available for testing, and a mini jazz library. Three of our favorite vinyl sellers will be there; maybe you’ll leave with some new music.


Aperol Garden

Ever since we started Jazz in the Park, we figured that probably the best cocktail to enjoy in the park is an Aperol Spritz. Just imagine: sitting in a hammock, or on a swing, sipping a tasty, cold Aperol, it’s hot outside, but there’s shade from the trees, and jazz from the coolest young people in Europe, playing in the background. Well, this year we are testing the idea. We’ll talk afterwards.


Home of IQOS

IQOS people are crazy about special experiences. At the festival, they’ll have a dedicated area with a special décor, music from VRTW DJs and, if you pass by their area, you can enter competitions and activations that will bring you special experiences as prizes.


Wine Fair by Crush 

We have been working very well with Crush for about 3 years now. They are great at wine, but especially at making wine drinking a special experience. Together with them, we will create a small wine fair, hidden among the trees, next to the VRTW stage. You’ll get a special curation of the world’s most elegant drink, special tastings and lots of cool energy. Cin-Cin.



On their 25th anniversary, Hochland set out to bring the world to the table. But it’s not just any table, it’s a multifunctional space, created by a local artist, designed to bring us closer together. Whether you use it as a space to listen to concerts, dine or play some cool games, this place will be special and we thank the Hochland brand for being with us again this year.


Meat Inc.

Attention, new partner! The relationship with Meat Inc. is simple. They say they have the best burger in the world. We said, “bring it on”, and we’re giving them a whole space to prove it. There’s gonna be a special restaurant in the park. Let’s taste what they’ve got!



Among the festival’s oldest friends, Narcoffee comes to make sure there’s good coffee at the festival. We already know. Find out for yourself too!


8 x 8

Our IT partners, 8 x 8, will leave the computers for the weekend for a bit of handwork and they challenge you to attend our craft fair, Iarmaroc and watch some documentaries about originality and creators from Romania.


Brico Depot

Our friends at Brico are using the finest stuff they have in their stores to create some special areas in the park. You’ll find their furniture in the main stage area, in the wine market, and in other beautiful spots in the park.


Daisler Print House

Our favorite printer in town will be setting up our super merch shop! You’ll find lots of original Jazz in the Park products here, all made by them! Take-home souvenirs.



Meze are manufacturers of Hi-Fi headphones from Romania. And ever since we’ve partnered with them, we have been listening only on Meze. Whether we talk about Music Lounge or Music Gallery, all the headphones in the festival are made by them. And of course they’ll have their corner, where you can test their hottest products. If you want to really feel the sound when listening to music on headphones, test their equipment!


Audio Technica

At Jazz in the Park, the vinyls are spinning on Audio Technica pickups! You’ll find them with a corner in the Music Gallery area. They’ll have special equipment presentations at the festival, from pickups to needles and other audiophile wonders.


This year’s official ice cream is provided by Bonas. We’re glad to have a local partner in this segment and welcome them to the Jazz in the Park gang. You’ll find them strategically distributed throughout Central Park. Be sure to take a stroll throughout the park. 

RMB Interauto

RMB – our mobility partner. They’re one of our busiest partners, even if you don’t see it as loud. But they drive us and bring the artists during the festival. Basically, they give you concerts. But on top of that, they’ll showcase their models in the park that they help us with.


For 8 years already, Medlife has always been with us and supports us in our ambitions to promote music and organize beautiful events. You’ll find them at Jazz in the Park in the Ethnographic Park, but we couldn’t not say hello and mention them!

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