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10 Youtube links that made me love Jazz

Hello! Alin at the controls. Like any person in this world, when my birthday comes, I have the habit of thinking about what has happened, what new memories I’ve made in the past year, and what knowledge I’ve gained. It’s like a test from school at the end of a chapter (I remembered those too).

Like any “old timer” worth their salt, my first love will always be YouTube. Honestly, if it wasn’t for YT, maybe I wouldn’t have made a career in festival and Jazz in the Park probably wouldn’t have existed. It was the winter of 2010 when I discovered live concerts online and listened to so many that I decided I wanted to do that in my life too.

So, I thought that, along with my birthday, I’d make a small tribute selection on Youtube live videos, with 10 live performances by jazz musicians who brought me closer to jazz music, inspired me, and educated me. They’re not (only) artists I’ve worked with. Some have been at our competitors’, others we’ve had, and others I won’t rest until we bring them to us at least once. It’s not a top, it’s a random order. They’re not my top 10 favorites. They’re just 10 videos that I joyfully remember now. If you have the pleasure and the time, listen a bit because you’ll like it.

I have only one rule: when you listen, do it properly: don’t do anything else, watch the video too, that’s why I chose live performances. Here goes:


Isfar Sarabski Quartet – 2019 @ Jazzahead (dacă nu aveți răbdare să vă uitați la tot concertul, uitați-vă măcar de la 39:45 până la 47:ceva)


Hiromi – 2010 @ Jazz Marciac

The Yussef Dayes Experience – 2023 @ Joshua Tree

Robert Glasper Trio – 2015 @ Capitol records

The Ruff Pack – 2013 @ Mono HQ

Alicia Keys – 2020 @ Tiny Desk

Jojo Mayer & Nerve – 2015 @ Somewhere in EU

Jon Batiste – 2020 @ Jazz night in America

Alfa Mist – 2017 @ Mahogany Sessions

Cymande – 2016 @ Los Angeles

Enjoy listening and watching! I hope you like it. I have hundreds more that I haven’t put here and somehow I feel bad now :). Maybe you’ll make your own top. I’m sure you have one. Thank you, YT, for the wonderful moments. I’m getting a premium account!

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