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Why the Ethnographic Park is our new Home

In 2013, with the first edition of Jazz in the Park, we managed to remove the “do not step on the grass” signs from the Central Park and to truly give it back to the community. Now, in 2022, we choose to give to people another park. This time, we’re taking them on a walk through yards, barns, houses, sheds, and many more, in a place that feels closer to people, quieter, and cozier: the Ethnographic Park “Romulus Vuia”.

Why? Well, we have several reasons.

First of all, the most important thing for us in making the decision was the feedback we received from the festival participants. They told us that they felt extraordinary in the heart of the “village” and that moving the festival there was one of the best ideas we’ve had. In other words, the Ethnographic Park fit us like a glove (and, indeed, we also feel this way).

The second reason is that we want to give people the chance to discover, along with us, the beauty of an unique space, where each yard comes with its own story and emotional charge that perfectly complements the vibe that the festival brings. It’s important to get to know and to find out more about our roots, who our ancestors are, and how they lived, because only by knowing our past can we change our future for the better.

Our wish is to meet once again this year and to let the music guide our steps in one of the most beautiful parks in Cluj. Looking forward to seeing you!

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