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5th – 7th of July
30th of June – 2nd of July


After overcoming a pandemic and relocating, we are thrilled to announce our return to Central Park. The place where we honed our craft and gave back to the Cluj community for seven memorable years.

This year, we are taking things to the next level with “International Jazz in the Park”. Our goal is to establish it as one of Europe’s top international jazz competitions, featuring three days of electrifying performances by young musicians from around the world, competitive prizes, and headlining acts that will bring each night to an unforgettable close. And, to truly recapture the spirit of Jazz in the Park, we have designed a range of engaging activities, all available for free to the public.

The Concept

We believe that Jazz in the Park is a festival meant to change mindsets. It has the potential to elevate jazz from the realm of “inaccessible” genres and music that require prior initiation to a much more accessible and approachable public level. By bringing the genre to a wider audience, we hope to demonstrate that jazz is not only accessible but also incredibly dynamic and engaging.

Moreover, we want to create a space where individuals can connect with each other and with themselves on a deeper level through experiencing new emotions, expanding their musical horizons, and embracing honesty and authenticity. We believe that Jazz in the Park has the power to leave a lasting impact, defying the fleeting nature of its events.

Why a Competition?

Many times, we receive proposals from artists that we cannot accommodate. On one hand, we don’t have as many slots at the festival as there are talented artists, and on the other hand, we are obliged to bring those names that attract the audience. Life would be much simpler if the only thing that mattered was the musical quality!

So, since 2015, we have set out to organize a competition dedicated to young artists under the age of 35. Our goal is to provide a framework in which lesser-known bands, but with great talent, can stand out and make a name for themselves within our community. The last edition of the competition was held in 2019, and in 2020, we had to cancel it.

But now it’s time to get back to our good habits. In 2023, we aim to organize one of the hottest Jazz competitions in EUROPE:

Each finalist band will receive a guaranteed fee.

The top two bands will automatically be invited to our festival in September.

The competition will be held in the location that has made us famous, the Central Park.

We invite you to discover music and support young artists in their development!



The 2019 edition:

  • Last event we organized in the Central Park before the pandemic
  • 4 days / 4 stages
  • 36 concerts
  • 100.000 visitors
  • We won Best Small Festival in Europe
  • First time for Marcus Miller in Cluj
  • Largest crowd we’ve ever had

Marcus Miller, Ghost Note, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, Judith Hill, Malox, Shai Maestro, Chassol, Noya Rao, Tiny Fingers, Alaska Snack Time, Iordache, Festen, Piano Hooligan and many more.

2019 – last organized competition

  • Iulius Parc
  • 1 stage, 3 days
  • Over 100 applicants, 16 finalists
  • 15.000 visitors
  • It was the 5th edition of the competition
  • It was the first edition organized as a stand alone event, outside the festival
  • The winners were Fraktale from Poland

In trio, Fraktale, Ikigai Collective, Grace Kim & the Skittles, Grey Paris, Jakub Paulski Trio, Ehun Ettud Trio, Project Connections, Nabou, Gypsy Jazz Trio Belgrade, Ming, Aleksandra Kutrepa Quartet, Szabo / Turchenova / Macecek, Sebestyen Patrik Quintet, Essential Notes, Jazzybit

About US

Our organization is called Fapte.

Founded in Cluj-Napoca in 2012, Fapte organizes cultural events with an impact on the community. Our objectives are to promote art –  especially music – to a wide audience, to redefine public spaces or spaces of significance within a city and, last but not least, to promote positive values around us. We strongly believe in the power of events to shape a community, and we greatly cherish the power of music to unite people, no matter how different they may be.

Our flagship project is Jazz in the Park.

In addition to this, we also organize Music Gallery and Pop-up Jazz Club. Furthermore, we sometimes collaborate with external clients. We know how to do anything in the field of events, and we confidently engage in below-the-line projects, activations within festivals, presentation materials, attracting sponsorships, crowdfunding strategies, and much more.

Challenge us with an email at: [email protected]!

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