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It’s a group we’ve known for a while and that has made it into our playlists with the song ‘Dove’. Which actually refers to the band’s name inspired by a traditional Caribbean song, the place from which all the band members originate. It means ‘peace & unity’, the causes they also advocate for, since 1971 when the band was formed.

Everything started due to the friendship between Patterson and Scipio, the band’s founders who lived in the same neighborhood in London. After they began performing in bars, they decided to gather musicians and form the band Cymande. All seven singers came from the Caribbean. In ’71, they were discovered by a producer who had great faith in their music. In ’72, they released their first album, then opened for Al Green, becoming the first UK band to play at the Apollo Theater in NYC. The most prestigious venue in the USA, meanwhile reaching the TOP 20 in the USA.

Then, they released their second album in ’73, followed by a successful tour in the USA, but in ’74 when they returned home to the UK, they suffered from racism, so they stopped their activities. All band members went back to their previous jobs, some working as lawyers or electricians.

In the meantime, their music was used by many artists over time. And in 2014, due to public demand, Cymande resumed their activities, albeit in a reduced form with 5 members. Two of them had passed away.

And now, 10 years after the reunion, they are releasing their own documentary “Getting It Back: The Story of Cymande” and are coming to our Ethnographic Park. It’s a unique opportunity to see them live. We can’t wait!

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