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The Jazz in the Park experience here, in the Ethnographic Park, is intended to be individually lived, no matter the size of the group you participate with. There is art in the organization of an event, and art is subjective—each person lives and interprets it in their own way.

The location is essentially a replica of a small village, with houses, a little street, and a central church. We have thought of every detail, starting from the moment you enter the park and embark on an initiatory journey, to eventually discover activities and hidden stages in the gardens and orchards.

At Jazz in the Park, you don’t just come to listen to music. Here, you come to experience music, to practice it, or simply to listen. The choice is yours. With us, you can come to blow off steam, but you can also just relax.

The whole family is welcome. We are that festival where everyone finds their place and activities, from the youngest to the partygoers, and even the avid jazz enthusiasts. We don’t mix the sound from the stages. Every artist is treated equally important. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas at our festival.

We promote respect and harmony. The festival is our microcosm, the way we want to see the world. We love this event, and we organize it for you, as if we were organizing it for ourselves!

There’s a certain feeling in the Ethnographic Museum at Jazz in the Park and it’s quite difficult to put into wo words. So here are some pictures.

In 2022, we conducted a social experiment. We provided festival participants with GoPro cameras to film their experience at the event. With the materials we received, we created a short montage. We invite you to watch it below!

And some other kind words.

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