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Last Day at Jazz in the Park – buzzing energy and joyful smiles, no matter the weather


It’s the last day of the festival, and the jazz concerts are accompanied by the sound of the rain. We started the day well-prepared, with raincoats and rubber boots, carrying our good spirits with us as we strolled through the Ethnographic Park.

The gates opened at 2:00 PM, and shortly after, the rain paid us a quick visit. The first brave participants sought shelter under the tents scattered throughout the park, then ventured out as the clouds cleared. In the afternoon, the sun peeked timidly through the clouds, and we resumed our usual hustle and bustle.

Rain or shine, the activities were in full swing

To our delight, the workshops were brimming with people today. Chef Radu Comșa offered a delicious experience to pizza lovers, while Mihai Pop revealed the secrets of a perfect gin to his participants. At the Music Lounge, the African drums were vibrating, the jam session was buzzing, and newcomers strummed their first guitar chords guided by the Music Hub teachers.

In the blue hut, visitors were welcomed into the Listening Room. Behind its walls, audiophiles could test the HiFi equipment brought by our friends at Acoustic Density, and engage in insightful dialogue with their experts. Afterwards, they enjoyed a moment of tranquility and respite, away from the festival’s buzz, to deeply connect with the music.



Sharing stories on the porch

Sitting on the porch today was Nani Noam Vazana, one of the few artists who keeps an ancient, nearly extinct language alive: Ladino, Judeo-Spanish, or Judezmo. Nani reconnected with her Israeli roots during a trip to Morocco, where she unexpectedly heard the familiar sound of Ladino, the language her grandmother used to sing to her when she was little. Now, Nani composes and performs new music in this language, with lyrics adapted to today’s world, discussing migration, gender identity, and female empowerment.

Her music is a mosaic that brings together sounds, places, scents, chords, and feelings that can be found nowhere else. Nani ranked in Top 20 World Music Charts Europe with her song “Ke Haber” and performed at the Kennedy Center USA, BBC Radio 3, London Jazz Festival UK, and the Jodhpur RIFF Festival in India.

On our porch, Nani shared her story with Horia Ghibuțiu and brought us closer to her culture. Then, she delighted us with a tribute to Nina Simone at the Backyard Stage.



We played, we danced, we listened

The rain jumbled our schedule today, but we weren’t discouraged. The first concert of the day was brought by Ada Milea, who filled the park with joyful smiles. Later, the mood completely transformed at the Hill Stage as we listened to Mischa Blanos, an eclectic artist who combines classical and electronic music into a unique and personal mix.

Next door, at the Backyard Stage by BRD, KLAWO’s music resonated once again at Jazz in the Park. Straight from Poland, with a distinct sound and energy, KLAWO won our hearts during the International Competition, from June 30 to July 2, and we were delighted to watch them perform live for us once again.

The Cinematic Orchestra

 The last concert of the festival moved us and awakened our deepest emotions. The Cinematic Orchestra delivered a memorable act, combining jazz, classical, and electronic music in their signature style, accompanied by a remarkable visual experience. Immersed in their music, we watched the succession of images and messages on the screen that enhanced the performance. These experimental combinations earned the band the title of pioneers of modern orchestral music and have captivated thousands of listeners worldwide. Tonight, we were delighted to join them in one of this edition’s unforgettable moments.



Once their concert was finished, we made our way to the Night Stage, where we grooved once again with our friends from Vinyl, Rum, Tapas and Wine. Finally, with numb feet but with hearts full of smiles, we left the festival for the last time this year. It has been three unforgettable days, filled with emotions, wonderful stories, and plenty of fun. Now, we are preparing for a new edition and looking forward to reuniting next year, bringing the same buzzing energy with us. Until then, jazz on!

(Anda Ciocoiu, Communication volunteer)

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