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​​The word “#listen” has a very strong significance for us. It’s more of a manifesto than a motto or a hashtag.

On one hand, “listen” directly refers to music. It’s an invitation to everyone to give our music a chance, but also to all artists who produce music in general. On the other hand, it’s an invitation on how to live our lives. In life, there are many new things to learn, discover, and experience, but it’s hard to learn everything, so it’s important to trust others and learn from each other as we have discovered.

These two perspectives are reflected a lot in Jazz in the Park.

We never wanted to convey that jazz is the only way or the most important genre. However, we want to convey that jazz hides immense riches: profound music, inspiration for other musical genres, artists who have innovated not only in music but also in life. Listening to jazz doesn’t mean renouncing other genres. On the contrary, it means discovering more and more genres and more and more sounds. For example, if rock makes us feel free or if we vent on EDM music, listening to jazz is good for introspection. To think, plan, relax, analyze. Maybe that’s why it’s more complex, because thinking is something complex and we all do it.

We didn’t choose jazz as a means of expression. It was like a calling, as if it chose us. We didn’t start with music, but with the idea of creating a universe full of values and messages. Jazz fit the best.

Moving from music to life, Jazz in the Park is a small replica of how we want to see the world. We want everyone to be welcome, we want the experience of participating to mean something for each of you. We want the festival to reflect the best of our world: from the coffee you drink to the place where we gather and the people you meet.

Sure, we’ve made and make mistakes along the way. But they’re part of life. We don’t deny them or feel embarrassed about them, but rather focus on how we react. Because we don’t want you to think we’re the best. We just want you to feel that we care.

Jazz in the Park is about introspection.

Jazz in the Park is about being better.

Jazz in the Park is about discovering what we don’t know and understanding what we don’t understand.

We want you to leave us inspired.

Everyone is welcome to participate. You just have to accept the challenge and listen.

At least twice a year. :)

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