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You might have landed here out of curiosity, or perhaps you feel that you can’t find the information you need anywhere. What’s certain is that it’s time to make everything clearer!

We’ve gathered some questions and answers here that should clarify any uncertainties. And if we haven’t managed to do that, drop us a message on social media, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Do I need to buy a ticket to participate? 

No, everything is open access. So, come to the festival with your friends or family to enjoy 3 days of live music! We only have a non-mandatory ticket worth 30 lei. The funds will be used to set up the first jazz club in the history of Cluj-Napoca.

Where will the special guests and competition bands perform? 

The special guests will keep the good vibes going every evening on the main alley stage of the park. During the day, the 13 competition bands will perform on the competition stage. You can find this stage in the park, near the UAD building, among the trees.

Can I bring a blanket and hammock to the park? 

Yes! We should all enjoy the park’s nature and the good music together. So, bring your blanket, hammock, folding chair, or whatever else you find around the house!

What activities can I do at the festival? 

We have something for everyone. Besides concerts, our friends and partners are preparing a host of activities to keep you engaged: from music workshops, dance, and even pizza-making, to a climbing wall, batak, and zip-lining.

Of course, if you’re looking for moments of calm, there are plenty of areas in the festival where you can relax with a refreshing drink and some tasty food. You can find a list of all the festival activities here.

How can I participate in the music workshops? 

You have the chance to enjoy music differently by being the musician yourself. You can learn to play the drums at Drum Camp or try your first notes on the piano or guitar at the Music Lessons. All these are available in the Music Lounge, at our friends from BRD. The schedule for these is from 14:00-21:00 (Friday) and 12:00-21:00 (Saturday – Sunday).

Participation in Drum Camp and the Music Lessons is by registration only. You can do this on-site or online. To register online, follow our social media pages where we will post the registration form.

How can I participate in the dance workshops? 

You can learn new dance moves that will give you confidence. Daily, from 17:00-21:00 (Friday) and 14:00-20:00 (Saturday – Sunday), at our friends from PPC, we invite you to the African dance workshops. Registration is required for participation, which can also be done on-site or online. We will post the registration form on social media.

How can I participate in the pizza workshop? 

Our friends from Birra Moretti are bringing the Italian Experience to the park. So, each day, you can participate in a workshop where you enjoy a cold drink and a delicious pizza that you make yourself, from scratch. To participate, you need to register in advance to reserve a spot. You can do this on-site or online, after we post the form on social media.

Are there activities for children? 

Yes, our partners are preparing many areas with fun games for the little ones. They won’t have time to get bored. So, bring your little ones to the park!

Is the festival dog-friendly?

Yes. Music is for everyone, including our four-legged friends. Just make sure to keep them on a leash.

What is the concert schedule? Each day, we start the concerts and dancing around 16:00. The first bands from the competition will take the stage. We end with the competition stage around 20:30, after which we move to the special guests’ stage. We dance until around 23:00, then we move to the Jam Sessions at Colin’s Gastro Pub. Here we listen to artists until the morning. It will be beautiful, not to be missed!

For the exact schedule of the bands and concerts, you can the schedule on our website. Or the pinned posts on our socials. 

How can I vote for my favorite band? 

This year, you can be part of the jury. You can vote for your favorite band in the competition. After each concert, a QR Code will be displayed on stage that will take you directly to the voting form. But even if you don’t manage to scan it at the moment, you can find these QR codes in the Jazz in the Park Competition magazine found throughout the festival.

What are the reusable cups? 

At events like this, we feel responsible for the well-being of the space we use. That’s why, a few years ago, we introduced reusable cups, to help encourage the public to be responsible and to avoid a lot of non-recyclable waste. So, we’re doing something good for nature, and you also get to keep a nice souvenir. Almost all drinks at the festival are served in reusable cups. For them, you pay a deposit of 10 lei, which you get back when you return the cup. But, if you want to keep it as a souvenir, you can do that.

What is the non-mandatory ticket? 

We are a free-entry event. The non-mandatory ticket was born from the desire to gather good deeds. This means that anyone who wants to do a good deed can donate a symbolic amount to help develop other cultural projects. This year, the collected funds will go towards setting up the first Jazz club in the history of Cluj. You can learn more about how this idea of a non-mandatory ticket started and how you can help here.

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